Greenpoint businesses celebrate National Bagel and Lox Day with giveaway

Two Greenpoint businesses celebrated National Bagel and Lox Day with a giveaway this morning.
Acme Smoked Fish and Bagel Point collaborated to giveaway free bagels with lox to hundreds of customers.
Acme Smoked Fish, located on Gem Street, is known to sell some of the finest smoked fish in the borough. For the last seven years, they've invited customers to try their products for free for the annual holiday. For them, their lox is more than just a food item.
"It's used in celebrations, it's used in times of joy, sorrow, everything in between, traditional Sunday breakfasts," said Richie Schiff, Acme's Chief Revenue Officer.
Working alongside Bagel Point, they gave out 600 bagels in just a few hours.
"To do a collab with Acme and Richie and the team was amazing just for the community, the neighborhood," said Sam Kaplan with Bagel Point.
Customers also got to try some newly released treats from Acme including their new 'Lox in a Box'.
National Bagel and Lox Day is recognized every year on February 9th, celebrating the marrying of delicious dough and cured salmon.