Group of activists call for turf to be repaired at Bushwick Inlet Park

A group of Brooklyn parents and activists are pushing the city to provide funding to repair the turf of a Williamsburg park, saying its deteriorated condition is getting dangerous.
Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park created a petition in response to the park's condition.
The group is dedicated to preserving and advocating for the waterfront green space.
They say when the park opened a decade ago, it was a treasure. It is still well-used, but the group says the turf has become dangerous and needs to be replaced immediately.
The artificial lawn is used for soccer, football and exercise but has cracks, rips and an uneven surface.
The head of the local soccer league says the space has been a refuge for kids and a way for them to stay healthy.
Co-Chair of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park Katherine Thompson says around February of this year, the city allocated funds to repair the park. The project has been stuck in limbo during the pandemic, though they say the field is more necessary now than ever.
A spokesperson from the Parks Department said in a statement, "The synthetic turf field at Bushwick Inlet Park is a treasured amenity, and we thank the local business improvement district for their support and programming at this site. The wear and tear on the field is excessive and requires a full replacement."
News 12 is told that due to the pandemic, the more than $1 million project was put on pause. Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, it would take about nine months to secure the funds and only then construction will begin.
The community is hoping construction can begin this winter so the park can be open by the spring.
News 12 reached out to the Mayor's Office of Management and Budget to get a timeline but has not heard back.