Group of Concourse Village tenants rally in ongoing fight against landlord

Residents at 1210 Clay Avenue in Concourse Village say they've been fighting their landlord, Ms. Hee Yang, in court for over three years. Now, their battle has reached the Bronx Supreme Court.
Former tenant of 1210 Clay Avenue Kevin Brown says that rodents, mice, roaches, and gas leaks are just some of the conditions he dealt with living in that building for nearly 20 years. Now those tenants have teamed up with Community Action for Safe Apartments (C.A.S.A) to fight for repairs in their apartment building. 
Tenants have teamed up with Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA) to take the building’s owner on.
"These issues challenge livability, they challenge safety, they challenge health in a variety of different ways,” said William Heidbreder, tenant leader for those at 1210 Clay Avenue. We'd like to have the conditions in our homes repaired and to be able to live there safely."
Today, testimony was supposed to be heard in court as residents fight to hold Yang accountable. However, the judge was out sick, so the trial did not take place. Court attorneys held a conference in an attempt to settle but said Yang would not accept.
Residents say they are fed up with the ongoing legal battle and want to be able to life in a safe and healthy environment.
Yang's attorney says they're working to settle the case. The tenants and the landlord are set to be back in court on March 6th.