Group rallies outside Pfizer HQ to demand vaccine be more accessible to people around the world

Demonstrators protested outside of Pfizer’s world headquarters on Tuesday to demand that the company make the coronavirus vaccine more accessible for people around the world. 
The demonstrators are urging Pfizer to lower its prices and share its patents and technology with other countries to boost vaccine production around the world. 
Activists with the Aids Healthcare Foundation chanted and held signs that read “vaccines for all now.” 
They also did a demonstration where they all dropped to the ground with chalk outlines around them, hoping to paint a picture of the many people dying from COVID-19 without access to the vaccine. 
The group says 70% of the world’s population has yet to receive a single dose of the vaccine, with more than 4 million people dying from the virus around the world since the pandemic's start.
They say Pfizer recently raised the price of the vaccine by 23% and now countries are being forced to pay as much as $24 per dose--while competitors sell the vaccine for around $5. 
Organizers tell News 12 they’re hoping to be able to sit down with Pfizer staff and talk more about the need to make the vaccine affordable one day. 
News 12 reached out to Pfizer and hasn’t heard back yet.