'Guns Down, Gloves Up': Nonprofit offers boxing class for Bronx kids

Boys and girls from the Bronx are getting the chance to learn about self-defense through a boxing class offered by a nonprofit group.
The nonprofit Travel With Chaz partnered with Phipps Neighborhood Today, an organization at the Soundview Houses, to make the boxing program happen.;
Organizers say boxing helps youths with self-defense, martial arts, fitness, and overall health and wellness. The group got a lesson from a special guest -- former champion and U.S. Olympian Michael Dominguez.
Travel With Chaz was started by a husband and wife when their son, Chaz, noticed a young child looking out at them from a window whenever they'd go on family trips. Chaz asked his parents if that child could come with them on their trips, inspiring the nonprofit's creation.
It's their mission to expose urban youth to experiences like boxing, and different locations like theme parks and museums that they might not normally get to see.
The boxing class, "Guns Down, Gloves Up," is an eight-week program, so the kids will have two full months of the exciting new experience.