Health center looks to reverse opioid epidemic

A Tremont health center is looking to reverse the growing opioid epidemic in the Bronx.
Curtis Rhodes, a recovering addict, decided in 2010 to walk into VIP Community Services.
"I spent 14 years in the penal and out of detox," he says. "I got tired of doing the things I was doing."
VIP is working to address the opioid crisis with its treatment program that serves nearly 1,200 patients daily.
After seven years of getting himself help, Rhodes now works to help others.
"I've been where they're at...and I'm helping them see the other side," he says.
VIP services will be able to extend its reach after recently receiving a $2 million loan from nonprofit lenders, Vital Healthcare Capital and the nonprofit Finance Fund. The organization is planning to use some of the money to open a 24-hour crisis center.