Heart transplant patient shares his journey to recovery

February is American Heart Month, and one heart transplant shared his journey with News 12 about the road to recovery he’s facing.
Carlos Toro felt a sharp pain in his chest about a year ago. That was followed up with a major heart attack, and then heart failure later on.
Toro says he was broken, and that he thought “maybe it was just my turn” – but he and his doctor fought to find him a heart that could keep him alive. He was in the ICU for five months and had three different surgeries canceled.
"A lot of the nurses were really caring. there with me... crying, the whole thing,” said Toro.
On Sept. 11, Toro’s new heart was put into place and he’s now taking it day by day on the road to recovery. He’s been keeping himself busy with a hobby he picked up while at the hospital – drawing.
His newfound love has helped him keep his spirits high and bring light to others who need it the most.