Hebrew Home at Riverdale CEO rejects allegation of COVID-19 death cover-up as speculation

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale is dealing with serious allegations after a report in the New York Post cited staffers who claimed that the nursing home is covering up COVID-19 deaths.

The report alleges that 119 people died at the nursing home in March and April.
Hebrew Home at Riverdale CEO Daniel Reingold told News 12 that between March 1 and May 9, there were 119 deaths, but says only 31 were suspected or confirmed COVID-19.
Reingold says the suggestion that these deaths were all COVID-19 is baseless speculation and that the Hebrew Home has been fully transparent in its reporting to every government agency.
He says a possible reason for the spike could've been linked to a rough flu season and extensive norovirus earlier this year.
"Our suspicion is that there were a number of people that as we came into the coronavirus era, so to speak, that a lot of people had come in were very weak to begin with, and so we did lose a number of people sadly in February and March and even into early April," he says.

Reingold adds those causes of death at the Hebrew Home are typical of its elderly and infirm population, which include respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.
He also says the Hebrew Home is also the first nursing home in the country to designate a full COVID-19 recovery unit.
The report in the Post also alleged that there were so many deaths, an insider said an empty building on campus was turned into a temporary morgue.
A spokesperson for the Hebrew Home told the New York Post a second morgue opened to provide deceased residents with dignity and respect because funeral homes did not have capacity.
New 12 reached out to the Department of Health which said, "The numbers on this chart are based on reporting from nursing homes and our diligent review of retrospective data. If we have evidence that a facility is underreporting, we investigate and take appropriate actions to hold the facility accountable."