How much are you paying? Gas prices have slowly increased as the week goes on

Every day, it costs drivers a little more to fill up, and at gas stations across New Jersey, prices have slowly increased as the week goes on.
The slow steady climb continues at the pumps, averaging $3.06 statewide, and in the coastal areas, according to AAA, $3.07. The trend is expected through the holiday weekend.
Some stations have seen larger increases. At the BP and Phillips 66 on Route 35 in Wall were in the high $2.80s earlier this week, and today, seven cents higher in the $2.90s.
Just a month ago, it was 20 cents less, with most of those increases coming in the last week, and a year ago, when most of the state was locked down at just $2 a gallon.  
AAA says prices are rising simply due to demand and industry specialists, not from the pipeline issues down south. For perspective, the highest average recorded came back in 2008 when gas on average hovered around the $4 mark.
Prices are expected to continue to climb as more people resume normal activities.