‘I turned coach to first class:’ Photo of Brooklyn mother, son eating seafood boil on plane goes viral

A unique photo spread across social media of two Brooklynites enjoying some seafood while traveling to Las Vegas.
Kmail Pratt says he was in disbelief when a photo of him and mother Suzie Pratt aboard a flight to Las Vegas in March made its rounds on social media months later.
The two were traveling with family, having a full-on seafood boil thousands of feet in the air. This caught the attention of passengers and even the flight attendant, who they say snapped the photo.
“They was just smiling and it was just a lot of positivity, like people was running up taking their photos. We felt like stars,” Kmail Pratt says.
Mother Suzie Prat says while the photo stunned people on social media, she's been doing this since age eight.
“I've never flew without my seafood…I never had a seafood-less flight,” she says. “I would bring seafood into water parks for my daughter’s birthday.”
Many people commented about the photo, wondering how the crab legs made it past security.
“TSA lets anybody in with food, it does not matter what your food is,” Kmail Pratt says.
Suzie Pratt says some people commented rude things on social media, calling her and her son “ghetto.”
“’Ghetto’ was disturbing to me, because nothing about me and my son was ghetto,” she says. “We take pride in being classy. And it was more of classy thing than anything because I wasn't even in first class and I turned coach to first class.”
The duo says they’ll continue to cook first-class meals for others with their business KCLAWS.
“I love making seafood, the flavor, the fun…it brings out the happiness in everybody,” Suzie Pratt says.
The family says their next big goal is to cook for Wendy Williams.