"I was not paid a red cent."- Yankee Stadium concession workers file civil lawsuit

Several food concession workers who worked at Yankee Stadium during the summer months are claiming they were not paid.
The group has now filed a civil lawsuit at Bronx Supreme Court. "I was not paid a red cent," said Sade Kaizen.
Kaizen says she worked for about a month during the summer of 2019 as a food concession worker to earn some extra cash. She claims she and others were told that they would earn $100 per game.
Kaizen estimates that she is owed $1,200 in wages.
"We are going off that this is a corporation, it's not small mom and pop, we are going by faith that they were going to pay us," said Kaizen.
Kaizen is among 17 food concession workers who filed the lawsuit against Legends Hospitality LLC.
She says when she and others approached a Legends supervisor about their earnings, they were given the runaround instead.
Attorney Lawrence Spasojevisch is the group's lawyer. Spasojevisch says that Legends is claiming that it is not responsible for the wages. He says his office also sees cases like this often.
A Bronx judge is expected to hear arguments whether the lawsuit should move forward. News 12 is told Legends is asking for the case to be dismissed.