‘It promotes suffering:’ Assemblywoman aims to ban the sale of fur in NYC

Many say animal fur is a fashion accessory that creates new jobs, while others say it’s a cruel and inhumane practice that should be stopped.
State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal is leading the charge to ban the sale of fur in New York City. 
Rosenthal tells News 12 that many store owners around her district are on her side. 
Rosenthal says she doesn’t buy into companies’ promises of committing to ethical sourcing of fur.
“It promotes suffering,” says Rosenthal.
She says she is proud to sponsor legislation that would make selling fur in New York state illegal. 
“It would forbid the sale, the manufacturing, the display, the trading of anything with fur on it,” says Rosenthal.
In reaction to her critics, she says she doesn’t feel empathetic.
“I feel sympathy for their plight, but I do think that it’s time for an end to this industry,” says Rosenthal.