Japan Society opens new exhibit in NYC celebrating Japanese architecture

The Japan Society has a new exhibit that celebrates a century of Japanese architecture and woodworking craftsmanship through a fully immersive experience.
The Japan Society reopened in March with a new exhibit called, "When practice becomes form: Carpentry tools from Japan." The exhibit marks the 50th anniversary of the Japan Society's headquarters in New York City.
The exhibit shows how certain tools and specific materials and techniques were used to build some of Japan's most famous structures.
"It's definitely an immersive exhibition. Centuries-long heritage of Japanese carpentry and woodworking," says Tiffany Lambert, the assistant curator of the Japan Society. "They don't use any glues or adhesives. It's a sort of perfect fit, like a puzzle in a way, so I think that's one of the most amazing qualities about this."
Pieces throughout the exhibit fit together like building blocks to form sustainable and longstanding structures.
"The major theme of the show in part is the sense of resiliency, and we chose purposefully to open on March 11 because that's the 10th anniversary of the great East Japan earthquake," Lambert says.
The Japan Society is open Thursday through Sunday for visitors. The current exhibition goes until July 11.