Jewish families prepare for holiday of Passover

Jewish families will be gathering around the table Friday night to celebrate the holiday of Passover. 
Families gather around the table for two nights for a festive meal known as the Seder. The story about Moses bringing the Jewish people out of slavery is read.
The table is set with a number of symbolic foods: an egg to show the sacrifice offered in the holy temple, bitter herbs as a reminder of the hard work while being enslaved and potatoes that are traditionally dipped into salt water as a reminder of the tears the Jewish people cried while in Egypt. Wine and unleavened bread called matzo sit on the table as well.
The matzo is a big staple during the holiday as Jewish people cannot eat grain that rises. Rabbis say this is because the Jews leaving Egypt didn’t have time to let their bread rise.
Passover lasts for eight days. The Seder is typically held on the first two nights.