Judge may not let ‘Junior’s’ mother back in court due to outbursts

The mother of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz may not be allowed back into the courtroom for the remainder of her son’s murder trial due to her outbursts of emotion.
On Tuesday, Leandra Feliz stormed out of the courtroom during the cross-examination of Michael "Sosa" Reyes – one of the suspects in Junior’s fatal stabbing, who is now a key witness for the prosecution.
The judge ruled that she had to leave for the rest of the day and will determine whether she will be allowed back inside the courtroom. Prosecutors said they are trying to keep the trial fair and unaffected by Feliz’s outbursts.
She may have to watch a live stream of the trial from a different room at the courthouse.
Feliz told News 12 that she got mad because she is afraid the men accused of murdering her son last June will keep getting plea deals.
"They all [killed] my son…They all have to pay the same," she said.
Reyes, who's now being offered dismissal of a manslaughter charge in exchange for truthful testimony, appeared to show some inconsistencies in his story during his testimony. He said he was thrown out of his gang months before Junior's murder but had already testified Monday to being a member of the Bad Boys set of the Trinitarios.
News 12 approached Reyes' lawyer for comment but he could not respond due to a gag order.