Jumaane Williams holds city's first State of the People address

Sworn in and already making history, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams held the city's first State of the People address on Wednesday.
After the speech, Williams spoke on hot topics like bail reform. "I've seen people who are using fear as a way to revisit this," said Williams.
Critics of the law say it has allowed some dangerous people back onto the streets. However, Williams doesn't see it this way.
"It's always interesting to hear people bringing up cases of people who are out because they're kind of proving our point. Even if that person had been arrested before this reform, if they had posted bail they would still be out," said Williams.
He also weighed in on some controversial comments that were made earlier this week by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. "There's no one who could sit here and say that was a good way to have this conversation," said Williams.
Williams says the underlying conversation about gentrification and affordability is one that needs to be addressed. He says this is one of the many issues he'll now advocate for in office.