Kayakers protest in Hudson River over proposal to expand use of Danskammer

More than 50 kayakers were out on the Hudson River Wednesday protesting the proposal to expand use of the Danskammer plant.
News 12 is told the group met on land at a dock in Chelsea.
The location, which sits on the Newburgh side of the river, is currently said to only be used during quote periods of high demand.
 The proposal would move it to full time, but environmental groups in the Hudson valley are opposing it.
"The project is a recipe for releasing filth into our valley and must be stopped,” says Orange Residents Against Pilgrim Pipelines representative Sandra Kissam.
"It would mean more emissions of greenhouse gases wreaking havoc on our climate and it would mean more air pollution, sickening the people of this region,” says Eric Weltman of Food & Water Watch.
Local activists are suggesting using solar energy or wind power instead.
"A new Danskammer would bring us backwards, not forwards, in terms of meeting our climate goals. A new Danskammer would have us abandon not strengthen our position as a climate leader,” says Matt Salton of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.
Danskammer issued a response to News 12 saying in part, “Danskammer is offering to shut down an inefficient, high-emission plant that is 70 years old and replace it with a modern facility that will have the newest emission-control technologies, all at no cost to taxpayers. This project is neither fracking gas, nor is it an expansion.”
There will be a virtual public comment hearing on the proposal on Aug. 23. with the state department of environmental conservation.