Kids ages 5-11 can roll up their sleeves for the COVID vaccine starting today

The effort to stop the spread is now reaching some of the youngest New Yorkers. Starting Thursday, kids ages 5-11 can roll up their sleeves for the COVID vaccine.
Coronavirus vaccines will be available today for the youngest ones eligible. It’s important to note that the vaccine is only available to this age group at certain vaccination sites right now with more sites available this weekend. By Monday, the vaccine should be available in schools.
The shots are one-third the dose of Pfizer's adult ones and are also given with a smaller needle. Medical professionals across New York, like  Dr. Maria Molina, Network Pediatrician, Somos Community Care, have had an idea that this approval was coming and had time to prepare.
The city is taking steps to make it as easy as possible for kids to get the vaccine.
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced starting Monday all public schools serving students in that 5 to 11-year-old age group will also be hosting vaccine sites. It will be 200 schools a day to give parents an easy way to get their kids the shot.
Gloria from Fort Greene has a 9-year-old daughter who she says is signed up and ready to get the shot.
"At last nearly every member of our school community has access to the vaccine. At last, parents can be confident that when their babies leave the house each morning they have this powerful level of protection against this disease. At last, we can take the final step of reopening our schools as strong and safe as possible," says New York City Schools Chancellor Meisha Toss Porter.
For those schools hosting vaccination sites, over 1,000 of them will host a vaccine clinic for one day between Nov. 8 and 15. Parents must give verbal consent for their children to be vaccinated. Hours for the locations will vary as well. At city-run sites, children who get the vaccine are eligible for a $100 incentive.
This comes as vaccination rates are up across the entire city for those age groups that have been eligible. In New York, 80% of adults have gotten at least their first dose of the vaccine.