Kingsbridge Heights residents say underpass causing a messy commute

Kingsbridge Heights residents say an underpass in their neighborhood is covered in trash and leaving them with a messy and unsafe commute. 
The underpass is along the Grand Concourse. News 12 walked along the entire underpass and saw piles of trash lining the road from beginning to end. 
"That really disturbs and perturbs everybody else. In fact, there's people afraid to even go under there. I hope somebody does something about it. And when they do come and take care of it, they just brush them off and then they come right back. There's not really much of a solution - it's a short solution, but we need a permanent one,” a resident tells News 12. 
News 12 reached out to the Department of Sanitation, which said all New Yorkers have the right to a clean neighborhood. The department told News 12 it would send a crew out Friday night to assess the underpass.