Law office: Mail carrier doesn't have time to deliver to address

A law office in Tremont says it hasn't been getting mail on time for years, and they are fed up with what they're calling horrible service.
People who work at the Law Office of Steven Cohen say it is a rare occurrence to get their mail on a regular basis. There is a mailbox easily accessible at 540 East 180th St., but they were told their carrier does not have time to get to their part of the route.
Cohen says it is an ongoing issue to the point that if it they order a big package, their carrier does not deliver it at all. Last week, he was expecting an Amazon box. After waiting over a week, it never came and Amazon had to refund him.
Cohen also says he has been receiving numerous returned letters days after he has sent them out. He says when he called the postmaster to find out what was happening, he was told the carrier is a union rep who does his work in the morning, and cannot get to their building before it closes around 6 p.m.
"I have received telephone calls from judges saying, 'Counselor, we sent you mail from the court and it says that you're not there. Have you changed your address?'" says Cohen. "The amount of stress that would cause if I missed a court appearance and the amount of time, energy and money something like that costs is tremendous. I can't even put a value on it."
The post office has given them the option to go to the office to pick up their mail, but they would have to pay for that service.
USPS has since said in response, "Management officials have determined that it is feasible to deliver to this address earlier in the day to help resolve this customer concern."