Lehman College students create PSA series about New Yorkers coming together

A new series of public service announcements created by a Bronx college is highlighting how New Yorkers came together to give back during the pandemic. 
“Shift NYC” is a video project created by multimedia students at Lehman College. The school was chosen by the city to develop the video special. 
The series of public service announcements show how New Yorkers adapted, endured and united during the early days of COVID-19. 
Students got a chance to experience firsthand what goes into making a production at various locations from start to finish. 
The series highlights different organizations in each of the five boroughs and shows what they did to bring some semblance of normalcy to their community. 
Students say that no classroom lesson could match what they learned while working on this project. 
The series of public service announcements debuted this month and will run through December.