‘Let Brooklyn Sleep’ shirts help keep small businesses afloat

A Brooklyn couple says they started a T-shirt fundraiser to help small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Julianne and Rob Hebron created the “Let Brooklyn Sleep” brand – saying it encourages social distancing.
“The point was…give Brooklyn some space, right? Let her be, so we can get back to her," said Julianne.
In just six weeks, the couple says they have partnered with more than 30 businesses around Brooklyn and raised more than $1,200.
They say the proceeds from the shirts go toward the business the customer chooses.
The couple says that once the city is completely reopened, they're hoping that their fundraiser will inspire more people to support small businesses.
"It's great that we're able to give back and help out community and help the businesses who normally help out community."
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