Local leaders taking community input for future of Fordham Plaza

Local leaders and entrepreneurs are taking a closer look at the current state of Fordham Plaza to find a way to use it for the community’s benefit.  
The Fordham Plaza is one of the Bronx’s biggest hubs and hosted the Bronx Night Market for years. Since its 2016 renovation, members of Community Board 6 say the kiosks have been mostly closed and the plaza hasn’t been properly kept in good condition.  
“The problem that we now face is if the Night Market backs out, who’s going to want to take on this contract?” said Rafael Mourenpunnett, of Community Board 6. “We see it over and over again -  people take the contract, they either never start because the plaza is a mess or they do it for some time and they realize we’re on our own here.” 
Community Board 6 and the Fordham Business Improvement District are holding a meeting to get community input on programming in Fordham Plaza and are looking for groups that are interested in using the plaza for events.