Long Island restaurant owners prepare for new midnight curfew

Restaurant owners across Long Island are gearing up for the new midnight curfew that goes into effect starting Monday.
Peter Hewitson, of Uncle Bacala's in Garden City Park, has done everything he can to keep his business afloat. He built a heated outdoor area and served takeout to keep the business going.
Now he sees another chance to get more customers through the door because bars and restaurants will soon be allowed to stay open one hour longer.
"We don't have to throw people out the door now, go up to the table and tell them they have to leave," says Hewitson. "We can let them stay, have dessert, have espresso, have cappuccino."
Jack Palladino, owner of Christopher's in Huntington, says the new midnight curfew is still too early for many of his customers.
"Give me the reason why they're just giving us an hour? Why not tw o'clock in the morning? What's the reason?" says Palladino.
Bacala's was busy Friday, but capacity is still only at 75%. Hewitson is hoping that the capacity restrictions will change too as people get vaccinated.