Loved ones shocked that woman allegedly slashed her children's throats

Family of woman who allegedly slashed her children's throats express shock, disappointment
The family of a woman who allegedly stabbed her children say they were shocked when police knocked on their door to inform them of what happened.
Shanice Martin, 24, used a box-cutter to slash the throats of her 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, according to police. She then went to the 42nd Precinct to turn herself in.
Martin's brother, aunt and cousin say the act wasn't like her at all, and that she loved her children. They added that Martin has been in and out of shelters, but wished she had turned to them for help.
"She has so many family members in this family, if she needed that help, she could've come and contacted somebody in the family to help her," says Marquette Brown, Martin's cousin. "So everybody is really hurt right now."
The family says Martin and her children are still in the hospital Monday, but her daughter has begun eating again.
Martin is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln.