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Manhattan College alumni launched petition to support tenured professors amid major changes at school

A petition now exists to support the rights of some tenured professors she says will lose their jobs with the merger of the schools.

Asha McKenzie

Dec 8, 2023, 11:04 PM

Updated 193 days ago


A group of current students and alumni from Manhattan College are protesting recent changes at the school they say will affect tenured professors and students. They tell News 12 the college is not being transparent.
In November, Manhattan College announced that its six schools would merge into three; The Kakos School of Arts and Sciences, the O'Malley School of Business and The School of Engineering.
A petition on change.org created by alumni Teresa Ramoni has garnered more than 2,000 signatures. It has almost reached its goal of 2,500. The petition is to support the rights of some tenured professors she says will lose their jobs with the merger of the schools.
Ramoni says she spoke with professors who are afraid to step forward. She says they have been offered voluntary separation packages but terminations will come if a faculty quota is not met. The separation package documents have been obtained by the college's student-run publication, The Quadrangle. 
Ramoni says 34 tenured faculty jobs are on the chopping block.
"This college cannot claim to be a Lasallian institution that priveledges quality education and respect for all persons when it is pedaling this termination plan that is rooted in intimidation and has been conducted in secrecy," said Ramoni.
"What I hope is that the college kind of realizes that what they are doing in kind of pressuring these professors to either take this package now or potentially, you know, not receive those benefits in the future. I think it is a lot of pressure and also a fear factor that is happening."  says The Quadrangle Editor-in-Chief and current student Jocelyn Visnov.  "I think it is unfair to students and faculty."
Manhattan College provided the following statement to News 12:
"The College is reviewing its current staffing resources and exploring opportunities to better prepare our students to acquire career-ready skills while building on a supportive, high-quality academic experience provided by the College’s distinguished faculty. This will allow the College to provide laser-focus emphasis on top tier education to the entire student body - whether the primary major be in the arts, the sciences, engineering, or business. We are using a strategic approach that embraces innovation, improvement of service, and growth while considering the long-range planning impacts of our decisions that will assure affordable tuition and support  all aspects of the College’s mission.
While we recognize that change often is difficult, the changes that we are implementing are absolutely necessary for the long-term vitality of the College and its ability to continue to offer a quality education to all our students.
Manhattan College prides itself on a person-centered approach and will continue to support students in personal development, professional success, civic engagement, and service to their fellow human beings. It remains committed to the 170 year tradition of educating young women and men with an emphasis on excellence in academics throughout each of its schools."

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