Massive monopole for wind turbine set up at busy Co-op City intersection

A massive monopole has been set up shop at a busy intersection in Co-op City, and residents say they are furious.
News 12 has learned that it's going to be part of a wind turbine to supply energy to the area. But people who live there are calling it an eyesore just like the previous tall structure that was installed on that same corner.
About two years ago, residents were up in arms about an electronic billboard built just feet away on the same property, at the corner of Baychester and Bartow avenues.
The wind turbine is double the height of the billboard. A new piece was installed on top overnight, which is why it's causing renewed outrage.
The wind turbine would mean clean energy for Co-op City -- which has its own energy. However, many are questioning how the developer is allowed to build something so tall.
It is believed that because a theme park called Freedomland used to operate on the property years ago, the zoning laws were never changed.
Assemblyman Michael Benedetto and Sen. Jamaal Bailey are working together to enact legislation at the state level to put a stop to it.
"We don't want a community like this, a residential community, to have to be saddled with a monstrosity like this. We understand business owners and landowners have the right to do things, but just because you can do something, does not mean that you should do something," said Sen. Bailey.
In a statement, the Department of Buildings tells News 12, "Earlier today, we received several public 311 complaints about suspected illegal work on one of the billboard structures at 500 Baychester Avenue, BX. We have routed an inspector to the scene to investigate, and ensure that any ongoing work complies with permits issued by the Department."
A third piece was set to be installed overnight on Thursday, making it even taller.