Mayor Adams announces measures to create safer streets

Advocates for safer streets in New York City rejoiced on Thursday after Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city would be making changes to ensure the safety of everyone on city streets.  
Mayor Adams says that 1,000 intersections will be improved with daylighting, which will get rid of parking spots closest to intersections to improve line of sight for drivers and pedestrians alike.  
Traffic violence will also be added to the NYPD’s weekly report on violent crimes starting Jan. 1.  
Adams also added that more city cars will get intelligent speed assistance – technology that slows a vehicle down if it goes faster than it’s programmed to. The program was piloted in 2022 in 50 NYC vehicles, and will now be implemented on 50 school buses.  
"We are currently in talks now to look at potentially installation on tow trucks and non-emergency vehicles on tow trucks,” said Adams regarding intelligent speed assistance.  
The administration made no specific mention of more crossing guards at city intersections.