Mayor Adams, city officials address need for school safety advancements

Mayor Eric Adams addressed the current state of school safety in New York City's public school system on Tuesday. 
Edward R. Murrow High School is one of the public schools in NYC that does not have any metal detectors - something that city agencies and the mayor are now looking to address on a larger scale. 
"The police department and the Department of Education and school safety leaders are going to continue to do an analysis of what schools should have those scanners and ways to have non-intrusive scanners," said Mayor Adams, who went on to emphasize his support of metal detectors in schools while ensuring schools do not have a 'jail-like' presence. 
Mona Davids, founder of the NYC School Safety Coalition, says her group has pushed for detectors at Murrow High School for two years, and that there is an understaffing of school safety agents citywide.
The union has not specified if violence or weapons is an ongoing issue at the school.