Mayor: Gun violence remains challenge in the Bronx

The mayor addressed gun violence numbers across the city and says while many areas are improving, the Bronx is still struggling. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio says that while nationwide murder rates are up, rates compared to this time last year across the city are down nearly 10%. 
The mayor says that the Bronx remains a challenge and says that a lot of resources are being poured in to address it. 
NYPD Chief of Department Rodney Harrison joined the mayor and said that while the Bronx is struggling, it is the only borough to have over 1,000 gun arrests year to date--up 22% compared to last year. 
Harrison said they’re using precision policing to take down gangs, neighborhood policing and added that youth coordination officers in the Bronx have connected with 150 kids in October alone--all to help combat crime. 
Other neighborhood organizations like Save Our Streets in the Bronx are also working tirelessly to help stop gun violence in the borough. 
"Every day twice a day, they go out to the community. We diffuse conflict on the spot, we give young kids, resources, alternative ways, we might have programs in here you know that can give them a little in their pocket because, as I said, you can't tell a young person to put down the gun and don't replace that with something,” said Save Our Streets community engagement coordinator Marisol Rivera. 
Rivera says that over her seven years at Save Our Streets, she’s thankful that gun violence tends to go down in the winter, but she also wants to remind people that their doors are always open to help and provide resources to the community.