Mayor: 'We need to stick with what's working' on COVID-19 restrictions

The mayor says we cannot "afford a boomerang" of the disease resurging.

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May 3, 2020, 1:29 PM

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he when the city will reopen, it will be done gradually to avoid a second wave of coronavirus infections.
He says that Japan and Hong Kong were forced to shut down for a second time after they reopened too quickly.
De Blasio says that as much as people want to see their mothers for Mother's Day next week, if they don't live together, then their celebrations should be virtual.
He also says coronavirus testing kits will be produced in the city, with 50,000 expected to be made weekly starting next week.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx will begin making the chemicals needed for tests by May 17.
The city reports that the number of coronavirus cases is down, but the number of virus-related hospitalizations increased slightly.
-The mayor says he's proud of the "strong effort" across NYC by the NYPD, Parks Departments and other agencies to make sure social distancing rules are enforced as the weather gets warm.
-He says the city will continue to ramp up enforcement efforts and will hand out free masks to make sure New Yorkers have what they need to stay safe.
-The "vast majority" of NYers have risen to the challenge, de Blasio says.
-The mayor says we cannot "afford a boomerang" of the disease resurging. He says it won't go quietly into the night, so New York can't "jump too soon" on getting back to normal.
-"We need to stick with what's working," the mayor says, adding that the restrictions in place are working.
-The mayor cited several examples of regions in Asia, including Hong Kong, that he says lifted restrictions too early and then had to backtrack.
-De Blasio outlined test kit production in New York City, noting it's an unprecedented effort in the city's history. He outlined the partnerships that are helping to make the test kits a reality.
-The mayor says the city needs federal help on lab capacity.
-De Blasio sent a special message of thanks to the city's lab workers, who he says may not be as widely appreciated as other front-line health workers, but who are working every day on the crisis. He says public lab workers in particular have been hard at work making progress against COVID-19. "We only get the answer to the tests because of them," de Blasio says, adding, "They never stop, they work around the clock."
-Amid the financial hardships posed by the crisis, the mayor vows that no New Yorker will go without food. He says food delivery is a big part of this effort. But the city needs additional partners, and he's calling on any organization to partner with the city to help.
-On the upcoming Mother's Day holiday, the mayor says this is "not going to be a typical" one. He says we're going to have to improvise. "To appreciate mom this year, that means keeping mom safe," he says. "We want to protect all the moms of New York City and the way to do that is show love and appreciation in different ways," adding that this is "not the year" to flock home to mom. He says we need to "give her some space," and suggests celebrating by FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, phone calls, etc.
-The mayor rejected comments by a White House economic advisor who said that another COVID relief bill might not be necessary. He called on President Trump to renounce them and said they sounded like remarks of a "cheapskate" but also someone unfamiliar with the reality of the situation in New York.
-On daily indicators: the mayor said daily hospitalizations are up, which he called "troubling," but says other data continues to trend in the right direction.
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