VOTE 2021: NYC mayoral candidates Adams and Sliwa go head-to-head in polls on Election Day

Election Day has arrived and in just a matter of hours, we could know who will be the next mayor of New York City. Frontrunners Democratic candidate Eric Adams and Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa appeared at the voting polls to cast their vote, encouraging others to do their civic duty.
For Adams, the Democratic primary was anything but a cakewalk, and he focused on making sure voters know he can be a mayor for all New Yorkers.
“I was told I’m not good enough,” Adams said last night at a rally in Harlem. “I want all of you who have ever been told what you couldn’t do, I want you to see the possibilities.”
Adams arrived at his Brooklyn polling site amid cheers holding a photo of his mother.
Republican Sliwa has been actively trying to rally a base of Republicans in a city where Democrats are much more common. He told News 12 in an interview that Republicans didn’t want him as a candidate, and that he is focused on rolling back the mandates for essential workers.
“First thing I’d do on Jan. 2, if the people of New York City elect me, is roll back all these mandates,” said Sliwa Monday night. “Hire all these essential workers, and then throw a special parade for all of them through the Canyon of Heroes.”
Sliwa arrived with his wife by his side and Gizmo the cat in his arms. Sliwa says he's ready to remove the red beret and become the next mayor.
Both say they'll get straight to work focusing on crime and improving the city. Both were asked about their stance on the vaccine mandates. Sliwa saying he'll remove them, while Adams was less forthcoming on what he'll do.
"When Election Day is over, I'll make my opinion," Adams says. "I believe the mayor and unions must come together and resolve this."
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