Meeting held to address school concerns after blast

The Department of Education held a town hall meeting Thursday evening to address parents' concerns two weeks after a massive explosion rocked John F. Kennedy High School in Marble Hill.
Officials also announced Thursday that all seven schools on campus will be open for the first day of classes next Wednesday.
Investigators say the building is structurally sound following the explosion, which occurred Aug. 20 when a worker tested a gas line by lighting a match.
The DOE assuaged parents' concerns by saying that there is no possible danger for the students, families and staff returning to the building on Sept. 9. All life safety systems such as fire alarms have been repaired and tested.
Still, some parents are not completely convinced of the children's safety. Mayaa Tucker Cunningham says her son is a cancer patient in remission, and may be negatively impacted by certain pollutants and irritants in the air.
Officials say they will continue performing air quality tests in the building while construction is ongoing.