Migrants at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal struggled to stay warm over frigid weekend

Mayor Eric Adams slept in the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal migrant housing complex on Friday, but elected officials and migrants are demanding that conditions be improved in the facility.

News 12 Staff

Feb 7, 2023, 12:26 AM

Updated 496 days ago


New Yorkers faced some of the coldest temperatures of the winter season this past weekend, and migrants staying at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal say they struggled to stay warm.  
The humanitarian emergency relief center has heat and blankets, but migrants say that it wasn’t enough for the freezing weather that forced many of them to figure out how to stay warm for themselves.  
Some say they went into the neighborhood looking for extra layers. A local group called Red Hook Mutual Aid says the demands for warm clothes has spiked in the last few days, highlighting a dire need for more donations and support.  
The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal migrant center has been a topic of debate after many migrants were recently relocated from the Watson Hotel in Manhattan to make space for migrant families with children.
Immigrant advocates rallied outside of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on Sunday demanding that the mayor shut it down entirely due to what they say are inhumane conditions.
Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly stood by the facility, even spending the night there on Friday as a sign of solidarity during one of the coldest nights of the winter season. Elected officials are still calling on the mayor to do more.

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