Monterey Houses art installation honors leaders of yesterday and tomorrow

A new creative installation at the Monterey Houses is all about celebrating history and the present.
The mural includes homage to a generation of leaders that helped define what the Tremont community is today. It allows those living in public housing to share their stories through art.
Groundwell NYC, a city organization that focuses on using art as a tool for social change, showed off their hard work Friday alongside Councilman Ritchie Torres.
Those who are part of the Monterey Houses Tenants Association say the mural is to show the power of people in the community. It was made to beautify the neighborhood and pay respect to their forefathers.
The installation is titled "Multigenerational Bloom." It depicts civil rights activists as well as leaders of today and tomorrow.
Torres' office made a $20,000 contribution toward the mural.