Morris Heights apartment robbers caught on tape

Thieves were caught on camera making off with thousands of dollars' worth of items from a Morris Heights woman's apartment, and with a piece of jewelry that she says is irreplaceable.
Estalin Duran says she found her Montgomery Avenue apartment in disarray when she returned home last Friday. "To come into your home after working eight hours a day, to find everything scattered, you just feel violated," says Duran.
Duran estimates that the value of the stolen clothes, cash and jewelry is about $4,000. She says it is was especially painful to lose a necklace that her mother had given her 14 years ago.
"My chain, that hurt me so much," says Duran. "I can't sleep anymore because I'm scared."
The four suspects are pictured on the building's surveillance video walking in and out of the building with what is believed to be Duran's stolen items. 
The building's super says this is the first time in 35 years that there has been a burglary in the building.