Morris Heights senior says lack of heat in her building is keeping her cold

A senior tenant at the Sedgwick Houses in Morris Heights says she's been without heat for weeks -- even on nights when temperatures dropped below 40 degrees.
Lucille Lewis has lived at the building for over 20 years. The 89-year-old says she's freezing nearly every night.
Lewis says the problem has been going on for weeks. She recalls one night this month when it was 37 degrees and says she was literally shivering in bed.
"Sometimes it's so cold that I can't even get out of bed because my bones ache," she says.
The city is currently in heat season, which runs until May. During this time, building owners are required to keep building temperatures at 68 degrees during the day when it's colder than 55 degrees outside.
They are supposed to keep the temperature at a minimum of 62 degrees overnight, no matter what the weather is outside.
Lewis also has a disability and a home aide who says she feels the chill as well. And Lewis isn't the only tenant dealing with this.
Her home aide also works with another resident of the building who says she's freezing as well.
Lewis says she's filed multiple complaints with management but says she's still being left out in the cold.
News 12 reached out to the New York City Housing Authority, but is waiting to hear back.