Morris Heights woman says uneven pavement has created dangerous conditions

Morris Heights neighbors say a simple trip to the grocery store can be a dangerous trek when passing by the uneven pavement on East 176th Street.
Patricia Fowler says that for the last few years the conditions have only been getting worse. She says the uneven cement has made it difficult for the elderly and parents who push strollers to make it up and down the street.
The concern is even more pressing since neighbors tell News 12 that it is a popular street with buses and subway stations on either side of the faulty sidewalk.
Fowler says that she and members of the community have been demanding change, but have seen little results throughout the years.
She says just a few years ago, she tripped over the cracks.
News 12 also spoke to employees at Key Food across the street who say they see the number of accidents increase when the weather is bad.
The DOT says in a statement: "This property is owned by the NYC Parks Department. At their request, DOT will perform sidewalk repairs at this location. We anticipate completion in June, weather permitting."