Morris Park Ave. construction project put on hold

The city's Department of Transportation has put on hold a project to change Morris Park Avenue's traffic pattern.
The project is due to included 1.5 miles of bike lanes, turning lines and high-visibility crosswalks, while removing what the DOT says is a low-volume travel lane.
Community Board 11 leaders say an injunction was granted in court Monday so that the city's project, which was scheduled to start this week, could be delayed. They add that the plan lacks consideration for local businesses.
Community Board 11 chairman Albert D'Angelo says there likely are other ways to keep people safe. He says he recently spoke to Mayor Bill de Blasio about alternative options.
The city DOT released images showing where injuries happened along the stretch of road. Most notably, there were 51 injuries from 2012-2016 at Williams Bridge Road and Morris Park Avenue.
The city believes the planned changes will lead to significant declines in injuries and crashes.
Another hearing about the start of the project will happen later this week. Community board members say there is no set day for the start of construction.