Mother of slain Army vet calls for maximum sentence in case

The mother of a slain Army vet from the Bronx called for the maximum sentence for her son's killers in court Wednesday.
Carlos Velez and Luis Charbonier were found guilty in the shooting death of Jason Allwood, 33, in March 2015. Allwood was in a bar when he saw someone being viciously attacked. He jumped in to help the victim. Prosecutors say Velez, whose brother was the one attacked, was told by a bar patron that Allwood was responsible for the beating. They say Velez and Charbonier later tracked down Allwood on Murdock Avenue, pistol-whipped him and then shot him.
"I just wanted to speak my truth," says Grace Burrowes, Allwood's mom. "And I wanted justice for Jason, for them to get the maximum sentence."
Velez and Charbonier are both facing a maximum sentence of 50 years to life in prison when they are scheduled to be sentenced on June 11.