Mott Haven residents: Trucks coming off Major Deegan have taken over street

Mott Haven residents: Trucks coming off Major Deegan have taken over street

People living on one block in Mott Haven say its constant traffic and noise and that they are always on guard as massive trucks barrel off the Major Deegan exit, right past their homes.
Trucks exiting the Major Deegan at Brook Avenue pass brownstones along East 134 Street between Willis Avenue and Brown Place.

"The air horns from the trucks, the 18 wheelers, the brakes, just traffic all morning," says neighbor Wilfred Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has lived in the area about 50 years, and he says in the past several years, with big companies moving into this area like the Fulton Fish Market, Fresh Direct and others, traffic has increased.

“It used to be so quiet and nice here. Now it's a wreck. It's sad,” says Rodriguez.

Neighbors say many of the trucks clog up the stretch leading down to Brook Avenue or they try to make a turn onto Brown Place, which takes a while because of the size of the trucks.
Rodriguez says an electric pole on his street has been hit multiple times right at the corner.
Neighbor JR Nunez says his car was hit when it was parked right near the corner, and he's worried about his three children.

"You stop in the middle of the crosswalk and hope the trucks see you and it's a constant weight on your mind. When’s the next truck coming by? Is it going to hit me? Is it going to hit my car? It's a headache,” says Nunez.

Residents say something has to change.

“We just want [the] DOT to come and take a look and see what they can do. Maybe change traffic patterns,” says Rodriguez.
The Department of Transportation spokesperson says they never received a formal complaint about the area, but that they will inspect the location.