Mount Vernon mother says she discovered daughter's body inside front of home

A mother in Mount Vernon says she discovered her 24-year-old daughter's body left on the floor inside their home early Tuesday morning.
Alexandria Castano's body was found lying on the ground inside the front part of a Summit Avenue home.
Lucia Castano tells News 12 that the two were making dinner Monday night when her daughter left abruptly around 8 p.m.
Half an hour later, Lucia Castano says her daughter texted that she was coming home but never returned.
Lucia Castano says she woke up to police and EMS outside her home before she walked downstairs.
"I hear somebody talking here by the door, and I open it and I see my daughter here," says Lucia Castano.
Lucia Castano says she doesn't know who called the police after discovering her daughter's body and doesn't know who would've done this.
News 12 reached out to the police but no comment so far.
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