MTA adjusts LIRR Brooklyn schedule following unpopular East Side Access schedule changes

The efforts continue Monday to try and fix the issues plaguing the launch of Grand Central Madison.
Monday brought three additional trains to Brooklyn during the morning rush, along with cars added to several trains. Those trains depart from Jamaica, along with additional customer service at the Queens station to help customers navigate their transfers.
That change comes after many Brooklyn commuters expressed dissatisfaction with the launch of East Side Access services. 
While the MTA says that the new full service to Grand Central Madison is designed to reduce crowding at Penn Station and save up to 40 minutes for some commuters, Passengers United says the new LIRR service is unfair to riders who commute to and from Atlantic Terminal.
“The problem is, now you have a 14-, 15-minute wait, in some cases you're waiting 20 minutes in Jamaica and you have to walk from tracks 1 and 2 all the way to 11 and 12,” says Passengers United President Charlton D’Souza. “That's a big inconvenience for people ... it's like they don't care about Brooklyn anymore."
Beginning Tuesday, there will be even more train service between Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal in an effort to drive down wait times further.