MTA shuts down subways for cleaning for first time in 116 years

The subways are back up and running after being shut down since 1 a.m. for an intensive cleaning.
The MTA says it is the first time it has done a shutdown like this in 116 years.
The subway reopened at 5 a.m., something that will be the new norm for the New York City subway system for the time being.
The MTA says ridership on the subways has fallen more than 90%.
The MTA says there has been a rapid deterioration on the subways between the homeless and this pandemic. It says these closures will allow them to get in and aggressively and efficiently disinfect and clean the trains and buses in a way that has never been done before.
In the meantime, for essential workers who rely on subway service, the MTA says there will be extra bus service, and it is also launching the “essential connector service,” which allows essential workers to use for hire vehicles.