Naked man charges at EMS workers, jumps into ambulance in the Bronx

A naked man was captured on video running down a Bronx street and jumping into an ambulance. 
The man was seen running up Holland Avenue to the intersection with Astor Avenue and getting into the front of an ambulance before jumping on top of one of the EMS workers. Another EMS worker pulls him off. 
The FDNY tells News 12 that the worker had to go to the hospital for an injury. 
Union leaders and fellow EMS workers tell News 12 that watching the video gave a lot of them flashbacks to 2017 when just 3 miles away another man jumped into the back of an ambulance. 
That incident killed Yadira Arroyo - who was run over when she got out to investigate.
FDNY EMS Local 2057 President Oren Barzilay says Arroyo was all he was thinking about as he watched the video online on Monday.
He says that as far as he knows, the injury to the EMS worker isn’t severe and that physically he should be OK.