NBA star, social media celebrity team up for new show ‘WTF Baron Davis’

A new TV comedy set to premiere this weekend stars some well-known figures from the worlds of sports and social media.
“WTF Baron Davis” stars retired NBA All-Star Baron Davis and social media celebrity Brandon Armstrong. 

The friends are putting their lives out there for all to see in the new comedy set to premiere Sunday on Fuse TV.
“It's actually my real life, and these people are not actors, they're actually my real close friends and family members, and so just giving you a peak into my life as a reality TV star,” says Davis.

Davis plays himself, as does his friend, Armstrong, better known to his 1.6 million Instagram followers as bdotadot5. In real life, Armstrong has gained fame because of his highly entertaining and uncanny impersonations of NBA players. On the show, Armstrong is Davis’ protege.

“WTF Baron Davis” is set to premiere Sunday on Fuse TV.