Neighborhood Coordination Officers provide job experience for students

NYPD neighborhood coordination officers recently teamed up with a Castle Hill high school to help bridge the gap between officers and young people in the community.
Every Wednesday and Friday, some upperclassmen at Gotham Collaborative High School head out to internship programs. This year, the school linked up with the 43rd Precinct's NCOs to give aspiring officers a chance to get some hands-on job experience.
"They get to go to court trials, talk to judges, talk to lawyers, they go on tons of trips," says Ebonie Raphael of Gotham Collaborative.
For the officers, it's a chance to change the perception some in the community might have of them.
"Before, they would tell us they were scared to come to us, they thought it was going to be a bad experience," says Officer Jennifer Luna. "They see now that it's different coming to us and building a relationship."
NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers link up with students