Neighbors want park officials to clean up drug den

Mount Eden tenants say they are disgusted with a lot that has become a dumping ground and a hidden drug den.
Community activist Sydney Flores says he's been complaining for 12 years to the Parks Department, which owns the lot located next to 1750 Grand Concourse.
Neighbors say the lot is filled with garbage and debris. They also say there is a makeshift living space behind it that provides a haven for prostitution and drug use.
"It's frustrating because it tells me our tax dollars are going elsewhere and not into troubling issues like this one," says Flores.
A Parks Department spokesperson says that it's "very difficult" to safely clean the steep embankment, adding, "a plan is in the works to address this issue while also ensuring our maintenance team stays safe."
Officials say they've purchased special equipment and designed special training to perform the cleanup. They promise to complete it by next month.