‘Neon Kitchen’ helps feed thousands of Bronx families in need

A local organization is helping meet the high demand for food assistance during the pandemic and is feeding thousands of families.
Organizers say they brought in pallets of fresh produce for the hundreds of people wrapped around the block on line waiting for free food at what they're calling a “Neon Kitchen.”
The program is a Neighborhood Opportunity Network, and it gathers community organizations to help probation clients stay on track by providing them with vital resources.
One of those resources is food. That's why the Department of Probation opened five Neon Kitchens across the city to help struggling New Yorkers feed their families with weekly food pantry events. Due to COVID-19, organizers say thousands of people are struggling to put food on their tables.
Their kitchen expanded its capacity to help meet the needs of families now facing unemployment. Organizers say in one week they distributed free groceries to over 9,000 families citywide.
Organizers tell News 12 that anyone can pick up food, no questions asked. You are only limited to how many people you are feeding in your family.