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New education investment to help students with language-based disabilities

NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks says that an ongoing structured literacy program will be receiving increased funds as it expands to two more schools in Brooklyn.

News 12 Staff

Feb 15, 2023, 1:35 PM

Updated 491 days ago


City and state officials announced a $100,000 investment to help students with language-based disabilities. 
The funding will go to the Structured Literacy Pilot Program that started in 2022. Two schools are currently covered by the program, and NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks announced that the program will expand to two more Brooklyn schools.
He says learning to read in city schools isn't where it should be yet. 
"There was a time when our school system ensured that it did nothing else; everyone was going to learn how to read. We've gotten away from that to our detriment," said Banks. "I think that the 'whole language approach' to the teaching of reading has rendered results that none of us should be happy about."
Officials say one in five students has a language-based learning disability and hope that the move will allow students to get a stronger phonics-based literacy education.   

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